I Quit My Corporate Job

I broke my ankle which meant filling out a lot of paper at urgent care and the orthopedic office. For the first time I filled in the line for occupation with Photographer. I had put in my notice at my corporate job and was ready to own my new profession.

While working in DC, I avoided telling my coworkers at my corporate job about my side photography gig. I didn’t want anyone to think I wasn’t fully dedicated to my work. I also didn’t discuss my corporate job with my photography clients. I didn’t want anyone to think that I needed a “real” job because I wasn’t a good enough photographer.

Here are the main reasons I avoided quitting my corporate job:

1.     I studied engineering. I was worried that if I quit my job all of the time and effort I put into that career path would be a waste.

2.     I’m used to having a reliable salary.

3.     I need a break from my kids. I sometimes worry that I don’t have enough patience.

4.     Can I really “make it” as a photographer?

Despite these reasons, deciding to leave my corporate job was what felt right. I’d been ready to leave, and finally all of the pieces fell into place to push me to make the change.

I know that everything I’ve worked towards in the past has lead me to where I am today. I know skills I’ve learned in school and pervious jobs will have new ways to be applied to my future. I’m ready for my kids to teach me patience. I’m ready to slow down and enjoy the moments that go by so fast.

Change is always hard. But I am excited for this new adventure. Ask me now “what I do” or “what my job is” and I’ll answer photographer. Or I could answer entrepreneur, business owner, and mom.

As far as “making it” as a photographer, I’ll never know unless I try!