5 Goals for 2018

Writing down your goals increases the odds of achieving them. Creating goals that are specific and measurable provides a way to gauge success. Having action plans to support your goals is a way to break down a large goal into smaller steps.


Here are my 5 goals for 2018:

1. {Personal Photography} Complete a project 365. Take a picture every day with each month having a different challenge, goal, or focus. Personal photos are a great way for me to try new things and push myself creatively.

2. {Photography Business} Launch RL Occasions with at least two events for 2018. These are specialized session packages for occasions such as Christmas cards, Marine Corps ball, and Father Daughter dance.

3. {Photography Business} Schedule 4 portfolio building sessions for family videos.

4. {New Venture} Purchase investment property by July 2018. I have a lot of exciting ideas for this new endeavor that I look forward to sharing.

5. {Personal} Disconnect from my phone and be more present with my family. Do this by not charging my phone by my bed at night and by designating a spot where I set it during the day.

I have a lot of goals for 2018. A final goal of mine is to be ok with not achieving all of my goals. It’s a bit ironic, but I want to also slow down and not stress.

Have you written down your goals for 2018?

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