4 Reasons to Invest in a Lifestyle Family Video Session

Here are 4 reasons why you should add life, sound, and motion to your family portraits by investing in a video session.

1.     Tell your story

Every family has a story to tell. Let me help tell yours. Let’s document your everyday moments! Children are growing, learning, and changing every single day.  A video session is a perfect way to bottle it all up. It is a way to remember how they are today, forever. I want to authentically capture you and your perfectly imperfect life.

2.     Connect on an emotional level

A video session brings motion and sound to your family portraits. It allows you to feel the connections and love between family members. A family video pairs the sound of your children’s laughter with music.

3.     Capture the details

A family video is a great way to remember life’s little moments. There are some details about our kids that we become so used to in the hustle of our everyday busy lives. But when you can pause, and watch it played back you’ll have a whole new appreciation for those special details.

4.     Watch it over and over

A family video is something your kids will be able to watch over and over. It is a keepsake they’ll have for the rest of their lives

I can’t wait to capture your memories in motion! Contact me now to start planning your session!

Enjoy the Nolan’s family film!

To view more Rachael Laurin videos go to https://vimeo.com/user67467206