Creating Balance

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. Finding the balance between being a mom and pursuing my other passions is hard. In addition to running my photography business, my husband and I have launched a new business. It’s a lifestyle brand centered around a getaway mountain house. It is an idea that I just couldn’t keep to myself! It is my dream to provide others with a unique short term rental experience and also inspire others to be more present in their everyday lives.

What I need in my personal life is what led me to start Cozy Escapes. I have a hard time disconnecting and being fully present with my family. I am distracted by the mounting housework, the email notifications, and reminders on social media of all the local activities we we’re missing.

It’s so easy to fill our days. It is so much harder to intentionally leave them open. 

In October of 2017, we took a long weekend trip to a house in the mountains with our family friends. I was stressed out by the amount of baby and kid things I needed to pack. Because of my husband’s crazy military schedule, we had to drive separately. While at the house, I was stressed about my kids breaking items in a very non child proof house. I didn’t have time to research the area to find a local activity for us to do. What was supposed to be a relaxing weekend was anything but! The entire drive home I was thinking about how it shouldn’t be so hard to slow down. From there, my idea for Cozy Escapes was born and the vision has continued to grow and evolve ever since.

I sometimes need an escape from the distractions in my busy everyday life, but want a place that can feel like a home away from home. I need a getaway with an open agenda to do as much or as little as my family and I want. Sometimes, I think that we need a family vacation, but what we really need is a family retreat.

Everyone’s “busy” looks different and it is so easy to feel like we need to be filling our days even more because of what we see others posting on social media.  Finding balance is challenging and I don’t believe a perfect balance exists. It changes with different seasons of life and everyone’s balance looks different.

I don’t have this whole balance thing figured out and I am certainly not good at disconnecting. I don’t always know how to be patient and live intentionally, but I am committed to working on it. I need little reminders for myself to slow down and remember what’s important. I hope to provide you with frequent tidbits of inspiration, and we can work on living a more balanced life together!I hope to learn what what has helped you and to share it with others. I hope that our cozy mountain escape can provide you with a retreat from the hustle and that our brand can be a reminder of a simpler life amidst the stories about our complex world.

It’s a journey and I would be honored if you follow along.