How I Approach Baby Milestones

Babies change so much in the first year and each new milestone brings so much joy worth documenting! I offer 30 minute Petite Sessions that are designed to capture everything about your little one that you will want to look back on forever. 

Here is how I approach baby milestones: 

1. You can schedule them for any age

How many sessions you do and at what ages you schedule them, is up to you! They are always changing in the first year. How they look and the new milestones they are accomplishing are so special. What ages you choose to schedule is based on your personal schedule, and how many sessions you want to have (when you book more than one, you will receive 10% off of each). I offer both in home and on location shoots. 

2. How your little one interacts with you is important

I like to include mom. It is remarkable to see the changes in your baby’s interactions with you throughout the first year. From the first smiles to the endless giggles, their social milestones are important, too. The connection between a mother and baby is natural and beautiful. As moms, we are always documenting our children. But it is important for our children to be able to look back at pictures which include us.

Babies might be scared or confused when they are having their picture taken. It is possible that a day they are teething or are off their sleep schedule is the day of your photo session. But in mom’s arms, they are comfortable and can relax. The best smiles come out and they are themselves. Babies are unpredictable. But there is no need to stress about how they will behave for pictures because you will be there with them and we will work at their pace. 

I will include dad too. 🙂

3. The little details say so much

I want to tell the complete story of your baby. This includes the way their toes curl or how they pull themselves up to standing. I want to capture the details of their wispy baby hair. I want to show the grasp of their hand around your finger. I want to capture the different expressions they make that mean so much to you. 

4. The focus is on baby

I avoid props because they can distract from baby. I want to portray your little one exactly as they are and for that moment to be what you will remember when you look back at your photos. I want someone who views your photos to notice the adorable baby and not an extravagant set. They are so little, and can get lost in a photo with too much going on. I like to save the cake smashing for party day so that friends and family get to witness it too.  My style is classic and timeless. I will document your baby from a variety of angles and showcase their current milestones. 

If you have any questions about a baby milestone, don’t hesitate to reach out!

I look forward to watching your little one grow through my lens.